Eric has truly become an ambassador for BC and Canadian cuisine, having prepared his signature dishes at events across the country and spoken at conferences worldwide. If you’re interested in having Eric participate in your next conference, event, or lead a workshop for your team, please email us at info@ericpateman.com or fill out the form on the contact page.


The team at RDA Barossa was thrilled with the recent workshops and lectures conducted by Eric Pateman on creating great culinary experiences with a true Barossa flavour. Your observations were insightful, your challenges realistic and your recommendations extremely useful. It was motivating for our small businesses to hear about examples of innovative approaches around the globe and your perspectives on more compelling ways to tell our own stories around the region’s love affair with food! Our successful business owners loved sharing notes with you and bouncing ideas around. We hope you can visit again one day and continue the journey with us.

– Anne Moroney, CEO
Regional Development, Australia Barossa


Turtle Island spent last year working with renowned chef and hospitality consultant Eric Pateman. During his recent visits to the island, Chef Pateman was in the kitchen and bar with the food and beverage teams focusing on showcasing a taste of place by introducing new cooking techniques, including fire cooking and sous vide, to better showcase the incredible. bounty of the sea and gardens.

By introducing a new garden themed dinner with fire cooking, Chef Pateman, Chef Beni and newly appointed Head Chef Simon and the rest of the culinary team at Turtle are able to better showcase the produce grown on the island with a cooking technique that has been used for thousands of years around the world. At one dinner, a guest-caught King Mackerel was stuffed and slow roasted for hours over the warm coals, with octopus, lobster and glazed pineapples rounding out the local delicacies. The Turtle barteam, crafted a line up of new, unique garden inspired cocktails to compliment the meal. Chefs Simon & Beni are keen to continuing learning and showcasing this new style of cooking and allowing guests to tour the garden while being immersed in the cooking show.

Chef Pateman was also keen to introduce and celebrate more Fijian flavours into the menu. People travel for a unique taste of place and the staff at Turtle Island are instrumental in sharing family traditions, recipes and flavours. Chefs Simon and Beni were keen to learn and share and with the introduction of sous vide (cooking under pressure in water), the culinary team has discovered a new way of showcasing local meats such as chicken, goat, lamb and more that allows for the infusion of local herbs and spices. With local fisherman delivering their catch each morning, guests can watch colourful fish, lobsters, octopus and more line the dock before it is rushed off to the kitchen to prepare the days meals. This is as fresh as it gets, and the chefs are fortunate to be able to work with such amazing products!

With as focus on ingredient driven cuisine, and the stories of the farmers, fisherman and foragers, Turtle Island is continuing to curate a menu that showcases a true taste of place and will continue to be the number one resort in Fijian and the best place to experience an authentic culinary experience, thanks to hard work and influence of Chef Pateman.

– Landi Burns, General Manager
Turtle Island, Fiji


Culinary exploration is one segment of the tourism industry that touches almost every visitor, in every region. Armed with this knowledge, Destination British Columbia engaged Eric Pateman Consulting Corp. to identify key culinary tourism marketing gaps in the province, and how they may be addressed through content development, distribution, and teamwork. The end result was a clear, well thought-out road map, identifying our strengths and positioning our weaknesses as an opportunity for growth and collaboration. The finished product provided Destination BC with a deep understanding of where we need to focus, and what we’ll need to ensure future successes. For that, we are grateful to Eric and his team.

– Carla Mont, Digital Content Specialist
Destination British Columbia


I worked with Eric on the Canadian Culinary Tourism Strategy Framework for the Canadian Ministry of Tourism. I was impressed with his professionalism and the extent of knowledge and relationships he has when it comes to Canadian cuisine–everyone from farmers to chefs to industry associations. His role as the leader of culinary tourism in Canada (and globally), and well as an ambassador for the country promoting and highlighting our culinary offerings is impressive. He contributions to the report allowed us to produce a a clear, well thought-out strategy, identifying Canada’s significant opportunity (and challenges) in the global culinary tourism market. I look forward to working with Eric on more projects as he is inspiring, and brings knowledge, passion and energy.

– Greg Klassen, Partner
Twenty31 Consulting