Eric specializes in:

  • Regional and National Tourism Strategies
  • Hospitality Business Culinary Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Consulting & Development
  • Product Development / Location Ambassador Services
  • Speaking Engagements (Conferences/Events)
  • Cooking Demonstrations 
  • F&B, Menu and Recipe Development

With over 25 years in business and the hospitality industry, Eric’s experiences and passions lend themselves towards building better brands not only for his own companies, but for other Canadian entrepreneurs that contribute to the greater story he has been telling, namely defining Canada’s collective culinary identity from coast to coast to coast.

Eric’s knowledge and unparalleled connections within the hospitality industry span the globe and allow him to offer targeted support to leverage the unique and telling aspects of each brand, region or company that he works with.

Understanding that food connects people to place, he works to strengthen and spread Canada and other’s culinary story.

Eric is the nation’s top ambassador for Canadian cuisine working with most of the provinces and territories as well as the federal gpvernment, and is also one of the top 5 experts globally on culinary tourism sharing his expertise with clients in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the UK, and many more locations around the planet.

Engaging Eric to strengthen your brand means full marketing and business development support, increased social media reach, industry connections, recipe development and targeted approaches to better expose your brand’s influence on the culinary landscape.  With his ROI focused entrepreneurial approach, Eric starts where most consultants leave off – focused on execution and the bottom line, as if it is not sustainable, it will not last!

Contact Thabata Costa to learn more about Eric and his services so you can start crafting your story and brand today.